Ben Stack in Sutherland

Donald Bain

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Fuji S9600
Lovely colours, and great composition. You live in a beautiful place, mate!
Cheers Grez yes lovely place I been up that hill so many times, that's the Hill that Robin Cook Died on after a heart attack nearly had a few on there myself so steep on this side.
Gorgeous shot - is it just me, or does the Fuji capture greens and blues really well, just like their slide film used to?
It took me years to realize that the colour of the film packaging for Kodak and Fuji, was actually a reflection of their colour bias.

Kodak always went for warmer tones in the yellows and reds.

Fuji always went for the green and blues of landscapes.
Agfachrome (CNS) was the real mean green machine, I seem to remember.
Excellent, I really like the colours.

Makes me want to climb to the top of that mountain.

Nikon digital cameras are "cool" in comparison to Fuji. However if you select Vivid mode the colours are ramped up similar to Fuji. I have seen it written that effectively Fuji and Cannons just have the vivid setting as defult.
i always seems to me that the higher up in the range of nikons the more bland the shots look when set to standard.. i never touch any of that stuff anyway... just shoot in raw then the colours can be tweaked to look like any brand or film without any image degredation