BenQ's 14 megapixel S1420 camera touts mega O.I.S., 720p movie mode

Chris Dodkin

West Coast Correspondent

Jonesing for a new point and shoot before the holiday break? Don't go lookin' for BenQ's newest unless you're camped in Asia, as this orange delight won't hit other nations until the first of 2011. Sporting a 14 megapixel sensor, a metallic casing and a seemingly robust implementation of optical image stabilization technology, the S1420 also touts a 26mm wide-angle lens, a 5x optical zoomer and ingrained HDR II technology that tosses a little pizazz on top of your otherwise ho hum photograph. There's also a smattering of "creative shooting modes" that you may or may not ever touch, though the 720p movie mode and ISO range that reaches to 6,400 should both prove quite useful. There's nary a word spoken on pricing, but something tells us it'll be situated halfway between dirt cheap and perfectly affordable.