Big Pit Blaenavon

Laurie Parker

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I anyone is ever in the area this place is well worth a visit if you like anything to do with mining etc, it includes a trip down in the cage underground and a tour of the pit bottom all free of charge


(above) subtle HDR image of the museum using three images


The stock yards


The Big Pit and an old wheel
Lovely. The top one's a real treat, Skye. Lovely colours and detail.
cheers Grez Im not a massive fan of HDR well saying that I like it but only when its subtle, pain in the neck to do though and a very steep learning curve, im on first rung of the ladder lol
Well it's very good. I don't know anything about it TBH - you'll have to teach us all sometime.
no good asking me I aint got a clue lol all I know is three diff images at diff exposure throw it into photomatix and sit back and wait lol
My mum had a Hoovermatic that she threw things into and waited. Would that be the same sort of thing?
#3 is my fave - really tells the story - might be good in B&W?
I also got a B&W of this shall upload it later, I usually tend to do more in B&W with mines, they always seems to couple together nicely, also find sepia works well with them giving them a great aged feel, shall pop some of them up too.
Nice shots all full of drama & a story told:D