Black Dog

Brian Moore

Accidentally left the shutter on "Bulb" mode and took the picture hand-held.

He goes by the name of Bailey. (Not my dog.)

Holga 120N with Arista 400 film.

Great stuff. I like the sense of movement, yet despite this his eyes are still remarkably clear amidst the blur, watching you watching him.
What an excellent effect. Almost cartoon like in a way. I would imagine he is saying something.
Thanks Ralph and Pete. Much appreciated. I’ve made this mistake before on a couple of occasions and sometimes the effect has been interesting. I think I’m going to deliberately shoot a roll hand-held in B and see what I get.
A nice example of his best stuff (in my opinion) is the childrens book by Ian Fleming, Chitty-Chitty-Bang-Bang. (not the movie!) I like the way his work is sometimes built around photos.
Thank you. Two days and two artists brought to my attention. (Was it you who mentioned Eric Ravilious?)