Darren Turner

I decided to spend a day around Blackpool with the camera last week......... for those who don’t know it is a costal seaside town & tourist resort in Lancashire.

Sometimes referred to as the las vegas of the north here in the UK, The town most famous landmarks are of course Blackpool tower & its 3 piers i have been going since i was a kid and its fun place to be, plenty to do, loads of places to stay, eat & some cracking summer season shows. The area is very popular also for stag & hen weekends and has plenty of late night clubs & bars.

For around 2 months at the end of each summer season they have the famous illuminations which are quite spectacular & very popular, they stretch for approx 3 miles down the promenade

After my recent trip i am getting the feeling that this place is getting to a stage where it needs some major investment to cheer the place up ALOT


When i arrived i drove around for hours and i struggled to find a car parking space, as they were pretty full and i couldn’t find “Mushroom”

After a lot of searching i found one thank goodness

The parking attendants were to busy chatting to bother taking my money, but i guessed the car would be pretty safe.

By this time i got parked up i was dying for a drink ahhhhhhhhhh 25p sounds good............i

It was closed, I walked around the corner looking for another cafe, I found didn’t look to bad i suppose...............

This was also closed, so went & grabbed a few shots with the camera

I noticed loads of seagulls, i tried to grab a close ups shot of them.........

But i could only find a big one

Now i was feeling a little peckish so i had to find somewhere to eat that was at least open. I ended up with just a snack

By the time i had come back outside, i walked onto the prom; the sun was just setting behind the north pier

It was almost dark by now and the famous illuminations had been switched on



I took hundreds of photos & i enjoyed the day & i was Loving it.

The day didn’t turn out to bad in the end really did it.
(i have edited some of the pic's to try & make them look a little washed out and in desperate need of some repairs)

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Love the narrative as well :)

The run down cafe shots are very atmospheric, and I really like the scene setting view of photo 1.

I want a full Monty breakfast! Really miss a decent British fry up.
Some nice shots there Darren and enjoyed the narrative