BMX bikers

Vic Shaw

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I normally pass this spot on my walk, as the light was low I thought I'd take a few shots. I need to find a park so there is less distractions from the buildings and try to get some more dramatic shots.




I haven't quite matched to colours, I need to be more disciplined in my approach to this maybe.

I see what you mean Vic, tricky background, but I really like the first shot. Almost graphic. At first I missed the top of the photo as I was scrolling down and actually I think it is much stronger cropped just to below where the ceiling ends (giving a square format). I guess you used BBP here. If you do it as a separate layer you migt get a bit more detail back on the white shirt and face using a layer mask.
I agree the square crop is much better, I use both Topaz and BBP here, both as separate layers. Topaz first to bring out some detail from the dark background then BBP on the top layer. I will certainly give it another look at, because the square crop changes the look completely ( once I've done the highlights on the grass of course)
Love your idea here Vic - and also the colour treatment you've given the shots - very urban graffiti look.

I think you're spot on with your thoughts about getting a location or angle that gets them away from the buildings - the buildings seem to keep them attached to the ground in some way, rather than allowing them to get real air.

Maybe get closer and look almost directly up at the BMX, get him above the flyover in free space?

When I tried this with skaters, I ended up having to use manual focus to stop the camera focussing on the background all the time - I just guesstimated the final distance to the target, and dialed that in with some moderate DOF.

AI Servo in this case isn't really going to cut it, so it's worth playing around with MF.
yeah it's tough here it's kinda hemmed it at all sides, I will try to get to a skate park and give it a shot there. Nice tip with the manual focus