Canary Wharf Underground

Chris Dodkin

West Coast Correspondent
Before 9-11, and the paranoia that greets photographers who try to photograph city structures, I managed to grab this shot of the then new Canary Wharf tube station, with my Canon D30.

It was early morning, and quite empty - so I was able to eliminate nearly all people from the shot, and set-up a nice little mini tripod on the floor to help get the perspective.

The shot was then processed and blue toned in Photoshop.


Always reminded me of the alien ship in Alien - and not just because of the ticketing staff! :p
nice shot and perfect PP to make it a little special
I had a couple of blurry passers-by on my exit shot, looking back at the station opening :)


Probably would have been harassed or arrested if I'd hung around too long waiting for passengers! LOL
never been harassed there, had some problems at the Thames Barrier though and a couple of times up town. I tried to take a sneaky shot of a plastic copper and she caught me.
Two belters there. Really special. I got nabbed for photographing some stainless steel railings in London which ruined my day - I never knew where to point my camera after that. So I got a bit militant - even to the point of supporting a pressure group and taking this pic:

ive never been busted for taking photos.... but i think its ****ing rediculas... guilty until proven otherwise etc... load of ****
Fab shots love the composition in the first one , love the treatment given to it too with its steely/titanium colour, also love the tone on the second shot and love the reflections caught in the buildings glass