Canon CPN - October Newsletter

Chris Dodkin

West Coast Correspondent

Welcome to the October 2010 Canon Professional Network (CPN) Newsletter. This month CPN delves into the world of Canon flash with the start of a new series by flash guru Syl Arena on 'Getting the most from Speedlites'. We also reveal the story behind the kart movie 'The Racetrack' that was shot in Full HD using a combination of the EOS 5D Mark II DSLR and the XF305 pro camcorder. Also, don't forget to enter the latest round of Editor's Choice by 31 October - this edition has the theme of 'Commercial, advertising and fashion'. There's also plenty more for you to read, watch and enjoy on the CPN website...

Editor's Choice 2: Last call for your images

Technical: Getting the most from Speedlites (Pt. 1)

Technical: Shooting movies with the EOS 5D Mark II & XF305

Interviews: Rodrigo Cruz

Product: XF105 & XF100 pro camcorders