Claydon House - critique please

Tim Pindar

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This photo from summer 2009 of Claydon House in Bucks is one I always thought was about as good as it could be.

However today, on a whim, I had another look and realised I could straighten the verticals. It now looks much better. The LH vertical still isn't quite right but I don't want the RH one to go the other way.

So - is there anything else I could do to improve it? What do you think of it now?

EDIT after Post #4: Slightly improved version

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I took a photo of a church for a recent wedding with the intention of straightening te verticals, I ended up with a shot that just cropped the top of the spire ... Bit of a homer "doh" moment if I'm honest :)..
So you have from my recent experience done well not to chop the top of the building off, but a little more space above the building would look nicer ... That's about my only thought
Hi Pete,

Well, through ignorance I was using "Correct Camera distortion". I've now found those two tools and I agree the distort gives more control. I've re-done the task.

The image in post #1 is now slightly changed (I've reloaded the new one onto my site, and this is what is referenced here). You may need to refresh the page to see it. It's better than it was.

Thanks for the help!
i like this tim :)

i agree with hamish though, that in spite of the fact you havent missed a single thing here, that for some reason the eye prefers a little more space around the object.

With such a gorgeous blue sky behind, i'd probably have stepped back a little, brought the house nearer to the bottom right of your image, and shown a little more sky above and to the left. This would mean the eye is darting around less trying to take the whole building in.

Thats a minor quibble though with a clean, well exposed image
Cheers. I took this shortly after buying a polarising filter.

From memory, a step or two back might have had watery consequences!

Incidentally, David, this is the one where I cloned out some white litter specks here and there on the grass, also from memory a few small but ugly blemishes on the stonework, and something else (I forget what) on the extreme right of the pathway, possibly a shadow.