Common Seals.

Glen Roberts

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When out the other day I had timed it just right to see the local Seal colony swimming up river to their regular high tide roost.
I had to keep an eye out for them coming to the surface to grab a shot but a couple were happy to pose:).






This one looks sooo sorry about something!!
I really like seals, they remind me of my dogs...
Especially the last one... That sorta "you caught me" look is very familiar to me

Good going catching them!
I like the first image, the wake in the water adds to the composition!
Nice shots :)

If it's not a secret, where abouts are they in the North East ?

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awww wonderful captures I love seals such graceful animals in water but soo clumsy out, the eyes in that last one awww bless him proper puppy dog cute eyes, they always look so sad
It's about 3/4 of a mile north of RSPB Saltholme, between Middlesbrough and Hartlepool.
Love the expression on the face of the last one, Shaggy. Top stuff.
Love the expression on the face of the last one, Shaggy.
My wife really likes the expression too, it reminds her of our old black Labrador before she sadly died:(.