Competition or Theme Ideas Thread

I'm not suggesting a theme, but I would like to suggest we try to keep the first theme simple, maybe something like a colour rather then a complex theme like compassion etc.

Just a thought, don't mind me.
I agree
Right, someone come up with an idea and title the thread
[theme name] theme, [start date] - [end date]
Obviously replace the bits in square brackets with the relevant info and make the dates a week apart
For eg
Blue Colour theme, 29/09/10 - 5/10/10
(I dont want a blue colour theme particularly, it's just an example)
Can you be trusted not to pick 'Weddings' ? Unless of course it's around the 30th of Oct, I have one to attend that day. 8¬/
Hi Hamish,

I like the idea of a competition and agree with Vic that we should start with a wide theme. I'm just a bit worried about the time-line and, given the current rate of postings, think that a week is too short (it might increase the rate but I suspect not at first). How about either a 2 week window or a weekly short list aiming at a monthly winner (ie the best 3 of the week goes through to the next round)?

Given the season, how about "Memories of Summer" as a theme. Fairly broad and one which people will hopefully have relevant images for. Maybe we could then pre-anounce the next theme so people can go out and shoot specifically for it. And, just to keep interst alive, how about quartely themes of best colour, best monochrome, best portrait, best landscape etc. Maybe that could feed into best of year somehow.

(or am I getting carried away here?!!).
This is just a theme as aposed to a competition.
This area of the forum is for competitions and themes
The idea behind this weekly theme, is not about who can produce the best image, but who, in the relativly short period of time, can come up with anything at all...
It is a motivational exercise and the whole idea (as I understood it when it was put to me) is that there is no time for preparation! A theme is started, with a short period of time to come up with somthing within a fixed theme...
Think of it as a weekly challenge as aposed to a competition ... If it turns into a competition then fair enough, but to start off it's just a weekly challenge to see how many of us can come up with something.

That all said, I take your point, and think there is scope for running more in-depth competitions with prior warning... For eg we could run an autumn competion with last entries in for the 31st of October maybe, and then all vote for the winner after?

But like I said, in this case we are looking for weekly motivational tasks
Ah, I understand now. I obviously didn't read it properly.

In that case, how about "Spinning". And no, I don't have an image-in-waiting that would just happen to fit but I can think of a few ideas that would (and they are all mine and i'm not sharing them, so there...) ;)
If you have an idea, start the thread using my instructions ... Although I think the concensus was to start with somthing a bit easy :)
I'm thinking we need to take note of seasonal opportunities.

So some up and coming ideas would be:

Fall color / Autumn colour
Summer's over

Then there's the diversity of the places we all live:

On my trip to work
Here's my 'hood

Then there's more esoteric themes

The devil's in the detail
Depth of field
It happens after dark
Bodies in motion

Just a few ideas to get people thinking :)
Hamish - I think you need to be the sole arbiter of the weekly theme - otherwise you may get multiple posts, bias, legal action etc etc

Ok, maybe not legal action!

Just collect ideas in this thread, then you get to set the theme each Friday evening - ready for the next week (giving people a weekend to shoot)
yeah ... its supposed to be a community ... comm-u-nity...


i have started one now... and how nice it is it that started on the 1st of the month!
See, it wasn't that hard - the community wanted you to do it! ;)
So you doing it or what Hamish?