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Barry Keavney

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Does anyone have any experience in Conflict Photography?
It is something that I would love to do, and apart from the journalism/photojournalism/internship route, it seems to be a very difficult gig to get into. Unfortunatly, I'm too old to go back to school, and worcester is hardly a haven for literary genius of the fleet-street kind.
The only two other ways I know off, are "through a friend"; or workshops, which don't mean you will get an assignment in the first place.
Maybe, I should start a riot, photograph it and see if get a gig?
In all seriousness, it is something I really want to know more about, so any help would be greatly appreciated. :D
lol Barry I was just about to post the very same thing. Not so much the conflict side but natural disasters. I did think that when the next one happens to just jump on a plane and get out there ( I realise it wont be easy to get out there) maybe speak to a volunteer agency.
Yea, the best way to get to a disaster zone is to tag along with a NGO, but that's easier said than done! I was going to fly back to Belfast for the 12th of July March/Riot, but couldn't muster the time or money.
The company VII (seven) are looking to recruit, (Neactway is a founding member), but you gotta pay for the three month training New York. They have a centre in Paris, but no vacancies there.
This will undoubtly sound terrible, but when theres another global disaster...Vic...I'll see you on the plane!! :p
Join the army and take a camera?
What's the name of that photographer from ww2 (not capa) an actual soldier ... Stunning photos... A beer for the person who names him!
The one that got killed in Nam?
could join the Salvation Army. I actually thought about joining the Navy when I left school as my brother-in-law who was in the navy at the time told me they have to take shots of the aircraft taking off and landing on the carriers, wish I had of done now.
The one that got killed in Nam?

Korea. Stepped on a land mine. Famous quote is, "If your pictures aren't good enough, you're not close enough." The camera survived and the shots he took, 10 minutes before have been published. Rather sobering. But, let's face it, he wouldn't have been happy just slipping into old age.

Sorry, it was Vietnam. But '54 just before the 'real' Vietnam war. Saw an exhibition of the original prints a few years back in Berlin. Pretty striking stuff even if the exposures weren't always spot and the focus was often adrift. Damn sight better than I could have managed if people were shooting at me though!!
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Yeah capa was killed in nam... Not capa, I can't think of his name at all... I was a soldier first then photographer as aposed to a photographer who went to war zones...
well I've looked and looked for this guy but i cannot find a name. I recall seeing a programe a while back about a soldier photographer but cannot find anything on the net. I even searched the US National Archives but none of the shots gave a name. IIRC he was mainly in the PF, but if so then it's possible I'm thinking of Joe Rosenthal.