Tim Pindar

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Taken with my 50mm 1.4:

Ooooo, I do like that - and the photo as well! LOL

Great job getting the shot without reflections on the glass - and I like the off center composition a lot
It's tough taking shots of bottles etc, so guess whos trying to get the job photographing fine wines for a local merchant for their web site?

Not so sure if I like the off center composition though, it needs maybe a glass ( cut crystal ) on the left to give it balance and warmth. The back lighting works well showing the contents.

I havn't done still life for a while now, I must say I do enjoy doing that.
Thanks for the comments, Vic. I'd try the idea of the glass, but the bottle has now gone as it was a Christmas present for someone! I do like the idea though. Maybe I have another bottle I can use.
Hope you do try it again Tim as it's a shot that works well.

Maybe saying I didn't like the off center composition was wrong having looked again I think it's more a point of cutting the top off. You could always try popping a open fire in the background of this shot also that could work well.
Slicing off the top and side was my way of avoiding a boring compo and hence uninteresting shot. The ones I tried with the whole bottle in were just that. I felt comfortable with the blank space.

Your ideas of a cut glass or fire are obviously ones which add a "story" and are objects which have lots of empathy with the nature of the bottle. As it stands I feel it is a "clean", even austere, image with no distractions from the study of the bottle's shape, the colours and reflections, and the label. For that reason I think I like it as it is but will try something different another time, perhaps as part of your still life challenge!

To be honest this was quite a lazy shot, it was taken on our dining table where the bottle already stood! I did quite a bit of work in Lightroom and PS Elements though, removing some reflections, sharpening, white balance, crop etc.
I take your point Tim and as I said in another post tonight I'm happy with blank space at times. I have tried odd (for want of a better word) before similar to this mainly with flowers. It just the warmth of this shot suggest to me adding a little 'story ' to it.

I like the idea of your being a study of the bottle shape, theres a great book called Light Science and Magic that shows you how to light. It's the only photographic book I've read.