Custard pie


Graeme Harvey

Made by my own fair hand

did u forget the nutmeg grez..........?? Also them fruits would be nice made into a compote, sat on top of custart pie then add a spoon full of extra thick or clotted cream.............

( brb going making a PROPPER custart pie )
I don't like nutmeg, Daz, and if I make sweet stuff I'm allowed to eat (this had Splenda, not sugar in it), I'm not then going to riun the thing by grating what amounts to pepper all over it! :-D

Seriously, though, what I did was to put the raspberries on top, and serve it simply like that. It was delicious.
yeah only joking looks fab...........r u diabetic then??
Yeah - so sweet stuff is really off the menu most of the time. However, if I make it with Splenda, I can then have the odd journey back in time. I was always mainly a hot puddings man as far as sweet stuff goes, so I can still have things like sponge puddings (no jam or treacle, though) apple/rhubarb pie and crumble, bread and butter pudding, rice pudding etc, provided it's made with artificial sweeteners.

Serious question: do you cater for diabetics at work?
I cater for people with any special dietary requirments. Howevere i would not adjust ingredienst in a certain dessert so those with special requirments could now eat it. I would make a dessert that is suitable for all where possible.

Does that make sense?

So do you have a list of individual desserts that you can knock up for someone who has, say diabetes or gluten allergy, so that you could make them if someone told you that they had that illness? Rather than changing the ingredients for all puddings on the menu just so your one sufferer could have a pick.

Is that it?
Lol - we ought to turn up one day out of the blue and ask for a diabetic AND vegetarian menu...
If someone who has a food allergy or special dietary requirements turns up off spec then i will do my best for them, with what i have available.

If i know they are coming i will change that evenings menu to suit, or make a dessert for example that would be suitable for all.

I really HATE vegetarians.......haha
Call it "Flan" and it becomes exotic, with notes of bull-fighting, windmills on spectacular plains were it only rains, and ancient legends of obsessive-compulsive gallantry. Same dull custard, but now with excited goose-bumps.
When you're diabetic and you get the chance to eat a delicious pudding knowing that it wont affect your sugar levels unduly, a custard pie is never dull, believe me!