Death ...........!!!!! (please dont view if easily offended)

Darren Turner

Harsh reality of living in rural wales with its rugged coast line.

The unfortunate end result of all life, no exceptions..........!!!


Spotted this ewe on a very remote part of the beach, unaccessible by path or car, i must have walked miles down the beach during a sunday aftrenoon stroll with the Dog, in fact he found this.


ps will remove IMMEDIATELY if the image is not deemed appropriate....
Nice and gritty (excuse the beach pun) - a more top down shot might have given the impression of the 'story' of the ewe falling to it's death?

Did a similar shot of a dead baby seal when out on the East Coast (UK) and had a mixed reaction to the image - some were appalled, others not.

My take is, it's just nature - having said that, I wouldn't take pictures of a dead person, but I have taken shots at a car crash (of the vehicles) before now.
Like you said Darren it's the harsh reality of life and eventually death that all living things have to endure.

Something someone once said "the only two things in life you can be sure of, is Death & Taxes"