Desperation abstraction

Len Philpot

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The weather has been really and unexpectedly nice here just recently, like 70F / 20C with blue sky. It was cold by our standards a couple of weeks ago but has warmed up. I’m sure more winter is coming, but while the weather is good I headed out locally with my camera.

And found nothing.

So out of desperation I ended up shooting some really weird tree bark. It looks like it’s been eroded, like something from a Utah landscape, I’ve never seen (or at least noticed) anything like it before. And no, I don’t know what kind of tree. Just a tree…

It has an alien, almost lunar-like quality.


DOF was real fun to try and achieve… (NOT!)


As a negative, it takes on a very lava-like character.


In positive, this one isn’t anywhere near as interesting.