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I seem to have developed an obsession with taken photos of doorways, which is a complete surprise to me and I don't have a clue where or why it's started. It may stem from my love for Alice and Wonderland?


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Some really good shots there Robert!
And its funny you should mention doorways as a subject. Below is a shot I took in Oxford and I like it due to the nature of what might be on the other side. Or possibly, Who could come in, and would I be happy or not to see them.


I should mention that this is not my case you were looking at the state of the walls ;)
Cheers mate. I don't know what it is about doorways. I just find them real interesting to shoot. Like you say, doorways ask so many questions
Very nice :)

I'll show your pictures to swmbo, she's infatuated with door photography as well, a does a super job.
Robert (heh...), you have uploaded these perfectly adequately... the photo bucket method is for getting them displayed like barrys above, but either way is acceptable

i like doorways too!... and in fact we did have a discussion on here not so long ago where i posted this door way ... which i would be surprised if you didn't at least vaguely recognise

Cheers mate. I've just signed up to Photobucket, so when I get time i'll display them like Barry has (much better).

I should, I walk passed it at least twice a day mate haha! Great photo, I remember you taking it.
yes, id be on the vin rouge at your place i think... not bad for 1/8th of a sec with wine i thought...
we should get out and take some piccys, you me and barry, i think we are very much drawn to similar things....

(Barry, this is the chap we were talking to down the pub Friday... ironically, considering what name he always goes by, and the type of forum this is, Robert is his real name)
Hamish - Yeah I remember that night. I believe it was the first night I got the FM. It was a lot darker than it looks in the photo as well. Yeah I'll be up for going shooting. I haven't walked around Worcester in ages.

Barry (Rob) - Hi mate, yeah it's me from the fly. How are you? Yeah I remembered in the end. Took a while. And you were right, I did remember what you said before I remembered the forum name ;-)
... ha,yes perhaps that particular string of associated memory isn't forum appropriate??
it has just occurred to me that when i tried to send you and veet a link to the forum it didnt work... sorry buddy, and well done for remembering!