Exmouth Lifeboat visits Beer

Alastair Cummins

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In recognition of my mums 32 years raising money for the RNLI she was given a ride from Exmouth home to Beer on Exmouth's Mersey class Lifeboat :D :cool:




But as I should have learnt by now, I must always take both lenses I have with me as they dropped her off onto a smaller boat too far out for my 18-55mm lens :mad:
Well done to your Mum, she must have raised quite a bit of money for a very worthy cause in all that time:cool:.

As for not taking the other lens, I'm doing that all the time:eek:. If I only take the 400mm you can guarantee I'll see some interesting insect or if I take the Macro lens I'll see some special bird:mad:.
well done to your mum for her fund raising for this really good cause, nice shots looks nice and calm there under that lovely blue sky
Love shot #1, the colours and the reflection of the boat in the sea are great.

Will make a nice souvenir for mum too :)
Good on your Mum, and nice shots Ally.
Nice shots Ally.
Good on your Mum:D:D