Expired Tri-X 400 reliable shooting

Wes Hall

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Sometimes we take a chance in this remote digital age and connect with a stranger. Sometimes, it doesn't result in an incident you would read about in the local papers.

I share pics and chat on another photography group, a Discord server for a YouTuber I enjoy. I decided to take a chance and send a roll out for a double exposure swap following some chats and connecting with a person on there. I'd accepted the loss of the roll, but wanted to know that any predictions Orwell may have made, could perhaps be forgotten.

I not only received the film (to be developed) but also received a lovely and very much unexpected gift- 5 rolls of expired (2016) Kodak 120 film (Tri X 400 x 2 and Portra 400 x 3).

I've never shot either of these, and decided to sacrifice a roll to see what the condition was like- cue a wander with my C3.

Shot at box speed, developed in pyro 510 and (poorly) scanned by moi using a DSLR.

I'm genuinely impressed at the quality of the 400 speed film, grain is very nicely controlled and my word the amount of shadow detail you can recover in post!

More thought will be given to the remaining, yet for now this whole experience went a long way to refresh my faith in humanity.1000010339.jpg1000010338.jpg1000010337.jpg1000010336.jpg1000010335.jpg1000010334.jpg1000010333.jpg1000010332.jpg
Ohhh he was jealous alright....that octo has a real side eye stare 👀 he'll have to be careful not to go blind around those triffids!

Thanks Pete, the octopus jealousy pic was actually shot by my good friend, last shot of the roll- we were stood in his kitchen thinking what to make a scene from. The rest was a same day wander through a rainy Lancaster.