F/s Nikon d300/katzeye optics optibrite screen & 18-200 lens

Hamish Gill

Tech Support (and Marketing)
Anyone in the market for a nikon d300 with one of these fitted


and/or a 18-200 lens

im looking for £825 for the camera with the focusing screen
and £350 for the lens

both are boxed with all the bits (im pretty certain)

buy them both and you can have them for 1150 posted (if your close by i might even deliver them by hand)

its a deal, its a steal, its the sale of the ****ing centry... and i want a d700 body ... so come on whos interested? :)
as can be seen here it has done 12832 actuations ... not many for pro use (i got the d3 soon after i "went pro")

Nikon rates the shutter at 150,000 actuations before maintenance, with the D3 having double that. However that is probably a very conservative number. People in other forums have reported way over 200k and going strong. It also does not mean that if you wear out the shutter, you throw the camera in the trash. Repair is supposed to be quite affordable, no idea just how much, and you once again are starting over with a new shutter.