F8 Creates (our business cards)

Hamish Gill

Tech Support (and Marketing)
I (with Greg Smith and and chap named Joe) run a business called F8 creates

we have recently made our selves some business cards and have done some promo photos of them




what do you think?
I like them, really creative :)
Are you you're not playing personalised Top Trumps? ;-)

Seriously, htey're very good. I like the selective colour on the photos, too!
as i said in that other thread, i dont have a problem with selective colour photos as such... :)
they certainly get a smile out of people, and thats kinda point :)
To be honest I'm not really sure about them, I'm not keen on the way there is no eye contact. It seems to me that there should be eye contact as these are business cards that are being shown( or handed over) and why when everyone elses scores are in desending order Joes is not?
I take your points. As for the scores, it's not meant to be taken to seriously, it's really just so people remember them rather than just chucking them in their wallet and forgetting them... I for example certainly don't concider my self 99% good photographer etc
As for the eye contact ... Didn't really think about it... But it is noted for future ref... Although as we are a design company we will prob do something completely different next time