"Food" theme, 23/11/10 - 30/11/10

House Blend

Here's my favorite food group! :p


Espresso coffee beans - ready for my daily double shot latte...

Taken using the Canon 100mm f2.8 Macro lens, at 100mm, 1/60, f4, ISO 400.

I set the flash up off camera, and used the ST-E2 remote trigger from the 5D2 to ETTL the flash.

The main flash from the right is filled with a white reflector close in to the left hand side.

Flash exposure is pre-set using the * button on the camera to do a full pre-flash test exposure prior to taking the actual shot - center point selected.
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wow can almost smell that coffee chris.........as for the chillies my lips are tingling all ready lol
Mmmmmmmmm, would go nicely with my coffee :) :)