Framing advice

Laurie Parker

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I have a bit of a dilema I have a seascape image which I wish to frame to put on a wall only problem is with bathrooms they tend to get steamy although I dont mind wiping glass to get rid of steam I dont want it to get into the glass and ruin the photo or mist up on the inside does anyone know how I would resolve this , as in sealing it maybe?

failing that I am gonna have to order an acrylic of the image but would much prefer it in a frame
best way to stop glass from steaming up in a bathroom is to smear soap on it and then buff it, as for sealing not sure about that, you could check that out with the framer maybe.
oo I will try that vic cheers, mirror keeps steaming up too got extractors fan fitted in there but the steam is ridiculous
Ha! Soap on mirror, I thought I had invented that when I was a kid :)

I'd prob go for the printing on damp proff material option, if you find special frames they will prob be limited in available designs. Print on damp proof material and you can frame probably in what you like...
You could try a few double glazing firms that make their own glass units. They could encapsulate the artwork inside the double glazed unit providing you have not mounted the artwork on a board that is not too thick. Foam board from a stationary shop might be a good option.
ooo thats another good idea very similar in technique to acrylic cos they sandwich the image between two sheets of acrylic
I just realised I completely forgot that I've just had a canvas printed and coated with a water resistant coating so it can be wiped with a damp cloth. Also the same company can print the photo on the back of a sheet acyrlic so that you view it through the acrylic itself. I guess they could also seal the image with the water proofing that they coat the canvas will.

The place is called Photoart GB in Pampisford, near Cambridge. They are easy to find on Google and the the prints I had done by them are really good. They can also frame for you.
yeah I was thinking of an acrylic, the lab I use does them with pre drilled holes too, I was also told by a friend that what they done was use a normal frame but when putting the image into the frame seal the back with bathroom sealant right around where the back attaches invisible to the eye as its the back of the frame, so I am going to print of a small image and put into a frame place on the wall as a tester and see what happens over a few days, to see if the sealant job works
Remember that it might be possible for moisture to seep in between the glass and the frame as well so you might want to put a bead of silicone around the edge of the glass before putting it in the frame. If the sun shines on the frame you might get condensation build up inside though!
well an update to the tester print, I rubbed soap into the glass and then buffed it off and was impressed it didnt steam up so cheers for that tip once again, also after using sealant of the frame at the back and a small amount on the front inside glass nothing went into the photo at all so the test was a success and it was left on wall for three days with a heck of a lot of steam!