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Does anyone use a Fuji compact camera? I have a Z100 which I usually take when out and about. Very useful for that spur of the moment shot.
snazzy little camera the z100
i used to have a fuji f31fd ... well i borrowed one for a while... took beautiful photo's for a compact... especially concidering it was so long ago now...
im never quite sure if there has been a better compact camera since the fuji f30(series).... if only it hadnt been so chunky!

how do you find the image quality from that little lens?
Hi Hamish,

Image quality is very acceptable from this cameras' lens. I use it mostly for snaps really.

Always taken an interest in photography for many years and found your forum site through the Art of Sound forum. In the past have developed and printed in my own darkroom. But those days have gone now.


through aos... hmmm which john are you? :)

i have a little sony tx5 with a similar type of lens ... it is amazing what they can do

i still do the odd bit of procesing my own negs, i just pt the film in the tank in a changing bag, proses them, then scan the images .... its incredibly satisfying! i recommend getting back into it... you will wonder why you ever stopped once you get going :)
Yes Not Far from Dave

Hamish, I know you are a professional pho'her but don't you find that the best shots are with natural light?
Depends on my mood, but overall I would say yes, I prefer natural light....
Although I do like tinkering in the studio ... I'm having one built at the moment and I can't wait until it's finished!
Why do you ask?
I have a Fuji REAL 3D W1, which I also carry as my pocket P&S. Thin and flat with a sliding door that protects the lenses and acts as a switch. It is in essence two 10MP cameras mounted side-by-side in the same chassis. It has a 2D mode, were one of the lenses can act as a telephoto and the other as a wide-angle with both working simultaneously. I currently use an antique Holmes Stereoscope for colour viewing, anaglyph for some prints and all on-line viewing and a viewframe that allows glasses free viewing in stereo. There is now an inexpensive player that works with any of the new 3D HDTV stereo sets.

Very nice little camera with the bonus of being the only digital stereo camera system in existence.
Depends on my mood, but overall I would say yes, I prefer natural light....
Although I do like tinkering in the studio ... I'm having one built at the moment and I can't wait until it's finished!
Why do you ask?

Oh it's just that you have some quite 'fast' lens' in your camera gear. I have an old Olympus slr with a f1.2 which is useful for low light shots using natural light.


Ooh yeah, I love my 50mm 1.2!
It's a little soft at times, but I love the effect !
I have always been intrigued by some of the old zuiko lenes, I'd love to see some 1.2 shots from one!
I used the f/1.2 early in my working life, and my recollection was that it was a 58mm. Since I was working for a morning newspaper, much of my shooting was under low light conditions. The f/1.2 was great for getting accurate focus, but one always stopped down to at least f/2.8 or beyond. Had one managed to get the precise decisive moment when the world ended, shooting at f/1.2, ones job would have been in jeopardy if one was not adept at explaining to the editor that the content warranted the mushy shot.

Of course, considering the content of the photograph, by then image quality may not have been a consideration. ;-)

I only saw one once - in a pawn shop and I was too dumb to mortgage the ranch and buy it - but the f/1.2 58mm Noct was said to be actually usable at f1.2. I did a shoot with a Leica M5 with an f/1.0 50mm Noctilux and f/1.4mm 35mm Summilux, and both worked very well at or near maximum aperture. Since it was a potentially dangerous shoot, with the clear possibility of having the camera stolen, I borrowed my boss's camera. It was shot on Kodak SO2475 Recording, a surveillance film capable of around ISO3200 - incredibly fast for the time. All available darkness shooting in the biker bars of Daytona Beach, Florida. Even at web-size images, the grain is profound. However, I felt it well matches the grittiness of the shooting environment. It went on over several nights, and I found it a quite interesting shoot.

The 58 1.2 pre dates the 50 I think and now adays is quite rare I think .. I certainly haven't come accros one! Id love to have a go with one of leicas f/1 of f/0.95 lenses...
Here are some of my mushy 1.2 shots... :) (just added another one of my cat at the end of the thread)
It's nigh on imposible to use a manual focus 1.2 lens unless you subject is completely still, unless you are a genius... Which in my experience with it, i am aparently not :)

Here is a interesting article about kubrick and his use of f0.7 lens on clockwork orange ... A testament to the mans genius I think!

This lems is a Zuiko 55mm attached to an Olympus OM-1. I may buy some film and give it a whirl. The battery is flat but that won't matter.

Does anyone use a Fuji compact camera?

getting back on subject ;)

I bought my wife a Fuji F31fd years ago when they where popular, really excellent little camera especially for low light high ISO. Still in daily use after all these years.

I also have a Fuji F45fd bought from the Fuji refurb shop as it was cheap a few years ago.

Not bad at all when you work out the best settings.

The refurbs from the Fuji website are always good, occasionally some really good models come into stock:
Also some offer codes occasionally if you are on the email list :)

That was some kinda thread drift.. Sorry about that :)
I remember when I first played with a f30 ... Couldn't belive that it tool photos at 3200 iso .... And they weren't entierly hidious
Hi Hamish,

Kubrick used the f0.7 on the modified camera to shoot the candlelit scenes in Barry Lyndon. Don't know if you seen it, but the effect is stunning. You get a similar effect with the Cooke SF lens at full aperture (f4.5 and I guess that's a tad faster than f0.7 in 35mm speak) but with the softness confined to the highlights only. I have the F1 Noctilux and it is also an amazing lens but very difficult to focus on a digital body. On an MP it's much easier as film is a bit more forgiving than a sensor.

Taken with a Fuji F31fd, no photoshop work, just resized.

Not bad for an ISO 400 night shot from a compact and look at the low noise :)

The picture was taken at Port Pollensa Marina in Mallorca while on holiday on February 27th 2008.


large size at flickr:
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Lyra taken with Fuji f31fd


Here is a snap of my Lyra Dorian on Technics 1200 with SME V.

Not so hot with computers so I don't think its turned out quite how how wanted it to.