Fungi / Mushrooms

Darren Turner




spotted on a walk around the woods at formby point near southport. An area famous for its red squirrels, whcih i didnt find on my trip ;)

You're right Hamish they are Fly Agaric and I wouldn't recommend them on your sausages;).
The last photo is ace. Have you tried taken them into Adobe Lightroom or Photoshop? You could make them quite "dark" photos.
all images i shoot are in raw, so they have been through CS5, nots sure what you mean about Dark..............??
Hamish has a dark, and pink, fetish at the moment - probably time of life or something! LOL
Spending to much time with my crazy missis and more recently Barry I recon ...
He's got me thinking about suicide themed photos ... And he's moving in as my lodger soon ... I'm doomed!
Splendid captures! Thanks...