Golden Eye

Ralph Turner

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Came across this little green tree frog a few years back while on holiday in the US. We were staying the night at a campsite in Ohio at the time, if memory serves. We found him wandering around outside the wash house.
He was very patient with me, though he could have washed his feet before posing....

On a side note, I had my Sigma 50mm f2.8 macro on at the time, but the exif data suggests it's the Canon EF 50mm f2.5 macro.... mm, weird..


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What a beautiful and mysterious eye, beautifully caught. One wonders what is going on in the brain behind it. Probably the three questions all animals have (including many humans, it must be said!) - Is it a threat? Can I eat it? Can I f@ck it? The order might well vary from individual to individual. But I prefer to think he is saying, "I'm going to mess with this guy's brain. Sigma? LOL. Take this, big guy!".