Good Circular Polarizing Filter?

Chris Dodkin

West Coast Correspondent
For some reason I can't find the circular polarizing filter I've had for years, so I guess it's time to upgrade! :D

Looking at buying a single 77mm filter - as my main lenses all use this size.

So anyone any good/bad things to say about the various makes available?

Worth getting coated vs non-coated?

Hi Chris,

Definitely coated or you stand a high chance of ghosting especially with digital. I use B+W almost exclusively although I do have a couple of Nikon and Hasselblad (the pre-Fuji tie in ones were made my B+W) filters. My polarisers are all B+W. They also do some slim "Kasemann" versions which might be useful for your 15 mm and 17-35.

Hope that helps.
Thank you sir - I now have my eye on a nice brand name coated filter on FleaBay - finger's crossed!
:( Missed it - outbid!

Back to the drawing board - finding it hard to motivate myself to spend $150 on one filter! :(
Woooo hooo!

Original seller popped back on FleaBay with the same Filter, and a buy it now :)

Canon 77mm multicoated for $55. Done!