Hannah has fun on the Riverboat

Chris Dodkin

West Coast Correspondent
Big family get together today, with lot's of potential photographic models for the eager parents! :D

Here's a few of Hannah





Canon 5D MKII - 28-70 f2.8L @ 2.8
A lovely age at which to photograph them, Chris. Too early for the self-consciousness and attitude to creep in; no fear of wearing no make-up or hair being out of place. Hannah clearly loves being snapped.
The last one is such a great capture, I love it
And I prefer no. 2 . She's a lovely little girl and going to be a 'cracker' in a few years time. BTW I'm over 70 so my thoughts are those of a grandad figure, just in case you have any doubts. I have 2 children of my own, both over 40 and single, so no grandkids to dote after.
Thanks chaps! :)

Well, her mum spends a lot of time setting up family 'cheese' pictures, which she's already tired of (as most kids seem to be after a while), so I adopted my usual 'casual' style of shooting to keep her at ease, and get a more natural (and happy) look.

The BOKEH on the water reflections worked out better than I expected - I should have tried the 50mm f1.4 as well, but was just plain knackered after a long day, so was being lazy!

Lighting sucked as it was still mid afternoon, so I kept the sun behind and to one side, and exposed for the face.

Single center AF point positioned over the eyes when possible to get a good sharp focus with f2.8 - AV mode on the camera, letting it choose the shutter speed.

Minor tweaks in PS - other than the obvious B&W and 16:9 crops, which I'm really starting to like the feel of :)

To Dave's point - photographing other people's kids, even relatives offspring, can be tricky - no magic answers from me, I just try and capture a natural looking kid, and give the parents a picture they want to keep.

As Tim pointed out - after a certain age they become way more self conscious, and I've yet to really take on that age group.

That'll come as this crop grows up I guess!
Very bonny girl and lovely informal, happy shots. No. 2 is superb.