Header Photo Competition

Hamish Gill

Tech Support (and Marketing)
If you would like to have a photo used in the header of this forum like Alistair has with his rather impressive and slightly scary photo of an ant...


then post it in this thread...
at some point after we have a few images we will decide on a new header image...

at some point we will make this a bit more formal ... but for now it is just a bit of fun
Keeping to the wildlife theme...


Canon 1D and 300 f2.8L
I will head away from wildlife with a sunset at aberdovey harbour.........
Wasn't really thinking about the long thin format of the header photo before - duh!

This might be a better format - pano shot of monument valley UT

it doesnt matter to much what shape it is... it just has to fit the site aesthetic... i dont really know what to do about this "competition" thing ... ..... i think il come back to it when there is a load of images and get you all to vote
probably a good plan - or just randomly grab shots that have been posted and feature them for a week or so as the header image