Hello everyone

I'm Robert,redirected from AOS too :)
On this site I can only learn something,but nothing to give.A total goof for a photo (as well as for English).One of a hundred turns good :mad:

Panasonic DMC-FX500 is tool

PS-Hamish (and others);looking good,looking good...
Hi Robert - nice to meet you. If you've only get one good photo in 100, then show us the good ones. I'm sure we'd love to see them. :D

Enjoy your time on the forum.
I would say "...a lot to experience" ;)
The more Pics you take the more you learn, and eventually your head may become a myriad of Shutter Speeds and f. stops.
You will try to concieve new ways of using your camera, and new angles to shoot at.
and with every shot you've taken, you've learned a little bit more :D
I've seen your pics and Hamish is right, you have an eye for composition, thats the best starting point.
Keeping shooting them, keep posting them :D :D :D
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Thanks for the encouragement Barry.
You're probably right about experience.And experience mean time.But,I have a hobby (hifi-vintage Sansui) that takes lot of my time.Everyday reading, learning and seeking.
I will try about shooting too and you don't spare comments or critics :D
No problem Robert,
I've only owned an SLR camera for 3 months, but with the benefit of working with cameras, and of course, working with Hamish; I get to shoot at every minute of the day. I am nowhere near Pro standard, but I hope that in time I can make a living out of it.
I suppose your Hi-Fi is like my camera. I am now reading EVERY article, magazine, hint & tip that I can, but trying to adopt my own signature at the same time. And it is time consuming, but I suppose, if you really enjoy something, you enjoy the time spent doing it :D
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