Hello from Louisiana, USA

Len Philpot

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Shiny brand new member here, right out of the box! 🙃

I've just signed up and looking forward to participating. I'm retired and a hobbyist landscape photographer here in the deep south US (central Louisiana). If interested, my Flickr photos are linked in my signature.

Although I had a cheap camera as a child (a third-party 127 Kodak Instamatic look-alike) I didn't shoot anything with purpose until I was an art / graphic design major in college. I took a couple of B&W photo classes and used a Yashica medium format TLR provided by the university. A few years later I bought a Pentax ME Super, shot for a while then subsided until I bought a Canon Digital Rebel XT (350D) in 2007. I shot that for a while then kind of took a break. But I bought a Canon T8i (850D) in late 2020 and have been at it since. I have no intention of falling away now!

Currently I'm using the T8i with an older Sigma 17-70 f2.8/4.5 DC Macro and a Canon EF 70-200 f/4L (plus an old Ricoh Rikenon P 50mm f/1.7 just for fun) but I've been thinking about getting a used Canon EF 24-70 f/4L. My software preferences include ART for raw editing and Affinity Photo. My biggest challenge is finding good subject matter.

Glad to be here.
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@Stevenson Gawen has become quite an "influencer"!
🤪 It's funny, I didn't expect my mention of this forum to take off like this... but it's great!

RPF as it's sometimes known, had a little publicity drive some time ago through an article on the 35mmc.com community blog, (same founder!) which was when I and a few others appeared here.
I seem to have unwittingly produced another one! 😄
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