Robbie Coffin

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Hi I'm Robbie, I work for Pete Askew as a microbiologist. Always been interested in photography, my father used to work in the printing industry. I have only just got into it, and have been lucky enough for Pete to lend me his Nikon FM2 to practise with. Also have access to Pete's dark room, so I have been developing my own photos under his tutelage. I also have a Nikon D3200 of my own, so I am having lots of fun with both film and digital photography.

I look forward to learning from all of you on here, and seeing all your photos!
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You work for Pete, eh? Learning under his tutelage, eh? I suppose we can expect a lot of square images with abnormally correct horizons and an uncanny absence of dust. :cool:

Seriously,...welcome Robbie! :) I like your picture from Bletchley Park.
Brian beat me to the horizons. Never mind . Hi Robbie, welcome, I think you have fallen on your feet and running by the sounds of it, like to see what you are doing so will see what's been posted if anything as yet
Thank you everyone! Just been developing films, sliced my thumb on the film canister... I am very accident prone as Pete knows well ha!