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heheh love it!.... I love the way the back half of another donkey/horse makes him look even longer
LMAO! Now that's a great shot :)
You should sell this shot to a stock or card agency - It's got such great comic value :) :)
Yep - a quick scout around online should find you some companies, then hit them up with a watermarked image, and a description of the actual file type/size available - and ask about submitting the shot.
Typically what might a shot like this be worth?

(I'm curious, and also Alastair might be embarrassed to ask!)
Really no idea until you find a company that's interested.

Probably a good idea to scout some postcards and get company names from them - also check out online stock agencies
Was speaking to mum about card companies lats night and she was saying that they sell a card which is similar to the picture ive taken so she is going to get the details for them on Monday.

The only thing is I wonder what the Donkey Sanctuary would make of it if they saw the pic, even if it would be hard for them to confidently identify where it was taken. It has even crossed my mind to donate the picture for them to use so they can raise some money out it as I believe they run the sanctuary on donations.

Either way I managed to win the weekly competition with this pic in the photography section of brtishrally.co.uk which was nice :D
we have a winner! Nice one Alistair - that proves it has selling power.

Like your idea of helping the sanctuary - I'm sure they'd be up for it :)
Mmmm, worth following up this week I'd say - could be that they have lots of submissions and you're in the queue.

Or they could just be rude!

How about putting a bit of holly on his nose in photoshop, and using as your Christmas card ;)
have you thought about stock images sites alastair.....??
There are website who you can register with, and upload your images, they sell images to the media and basically to everyone and anyone worldwide. If they sell you image you get a kick back.......now it aint much but the more you sell the more you make. It all about grabbing images, like the donkey for instance that they are looking for....images that are different or unusual or images that are literally about being in the right place at the right time, image that other have not achieved or that are not widely available.

Does that make sense....?? Google Stock Images.

Also i have a kind of photo blog idea website were i upload my images to, now its nowt to flash www.urdygurdy.co.uk now i don’t use it to its full potential, but i have now sold 12 images from that site without even trying really i charge £15 per image via email or on a CD. Print are extra if require.

It also got me 4 jobs with various people locally for whom have been paid well for. Just a thought............!

I've bought images from iStockphoto although I've never tried to register and sell through them. But if you have a look at their site you shouldget the idea. http://www.istockphoto.com/ I have friends that travel extensively to remote places and get a reasonable return from such sites.

Darren, I like your idea as well and your site looks good. We are going down a similar route at http://www.babelsberg-studio.com although sales will not be done through that but by the individuals represented. When I get a chance I will also put some shots onto a stock site as well. Technical images are sold as part of the service we offer to customers and once we have gotg the Babelsberg site operating we will set up a similar one for those as well. Despite this, at the moment, I don't intend photography to be a source of income but causal sales are attractive.