Neil Hatt

Hello all - I'm off to get married next year on Safari in Tanzania and after being told countless times that I must have a proper camera for the trip, I bought a Canon 500D (which seemed to be the most highly recommended intermediate?) and even in just the few days I've had it I can't leave it alone(!).

I'll be looking on this site a lot for any advice and tips, and specifically is anyone has any advice on kit or tips for Africa, or in general, I will be very receptive!

I live in Birmingham, work in Worcester. Hopefully speak to some of you soon.


Hi Neil

welcome to the forum, a really friendly & helpful place to hang around, feel free to post as many of you images as you want we all like to share our images around these parts

If ya need any help or advice just shout out..........fellow members are more than willing to help other out where they can.

Welcome to the formum Neil. Glad to read that you're inspired at the moment and I hope the forum helps. As Darren says, it's a friendly place to be.

It's been a long time since I was in Africa but the best advice I was given was to get at least one long lens. I used a 600 mm Sigma catadiotric lens which was light and portable. Slow at f8 but that was never a problem and I had to use ND filters at times. If you want inspiration for wildlife shots check out http://www.nickbrandt.com/.

Looking forward to seeing some shots.
Hi Neil
Welcome to the forum!
Might I have given you a bit of paper with the forum name on it on a visit to a shop by any chance?

Good to see you here either way

I might be able to help on the Africa queries ... Although you might need help from elsewhere with canon specific questions, they are a mystery to me :)
Welcome aboard Neil, I'm sure you'll soon be getting some great shots to share one here and as the others said it's a nice friendly forum to be on.
Thanks Pete - I'll definitely look to invest in a long lens, and soon, so I can get some practice in! Funny you should mention Nick Brandt - I was having a look at The Chive over lunch and some of his Africa photos were on there. They looked amazing!

Hamish - you did indeed! I completely forgot to ask your name at the time (my apologies) but I'm glad you sussed me out. Thanks again for the recommendation, this site, and especially the forum, looks like it'll be of great benefit to me!

Thanks too Glen. I look forward to picking everyone's brains over the coming months (and years!)
Welcome Neil - if you happen to need anyone to carry your bags whilst out in Africa next year, might I be the first to offer my services! LOL

Good choice on Canon BTW - Can't believe Hamish didn't sell you Nikon! ;)
Hi Chris - thanks for the welcome, and the offer (though be wary, my fiancee does not believe in travelling light :D )

I was wary about what camera to choose, being completely new to it all, but the Canon seemed to get great reviews everywhere (though this months Digital Photo placed the Nikon higher...typical!)

I had already bought the camera before I saw Hamish, but I must say he didn't seem too happy about the choice I had made!! ;)