Hi to all at RFP

Hi All,

Came across the forum through Art of Sound (like a few others it seems). I have been taking photographs for almost as long as I can remember. In some ways it should have started with my first camera at about 14. But having expressed an interesting in getting a camera for Xmas, what I actually got was an Instamatic! Never did finish the film it came with (in fact I found it, complete with film, in my late mother's house earlier this year - must make up some dev. and see what I took)! A year later I bought a S/H Russian cine camera and that kept me involved for a few years. But eventually I switched to stills with a Nikon FE (still have it, well 2 actually, and despite owning an embarrassingly large number of other Nikon bodies, it's still my favorite - matched needle metering, what a wonderful idea). I now shoot both film and digital from 35mm / APS-C / FF SLR's and RF through medium format to 5x4. B&W film is my true passion especially on the larger formats and I find myself drawn more and more to alternative processes.

My main subject matter is portraiture and the built environment, especially when in decay and Potsdam in the former DDR is a fine source of material for this.

I'm looking forward to the forum exchanging ideas with you all.


Hi Pete,
We shall have to compare "embarrassingly large" nikon collections! You have just gone up in my estimations ferther my freind :) I have had nikons since I was 8 :).
I did have a canon compact for a while bit it was a dark time and I don't like to think about it ;)
Welcome to the forum!