Home Again!

Rob MacKillop

Edinburgh Correspondent
Today's FaceBook post: Home again! After one week in Intensive Care and one week in a recovery ward, I have made it home. Recovered? No. There will be ongoing treatment for myasthenia gravis for probably the rest of my life. My autoimmune system is trying to stop me eating and speaking, but we have reached a manageable compromise that will help me function in those areas. But for the moment I am delighted to have made it home, and able to play music again! My playing is completely shot, though, and I'm not sure there will be more videos, but I remain hopeful. A little progress each day. I actually have a new album coming out soon, recorded six months ago, of baroque-guitar music 'in the lute style' by Foscarini. I will doubtless bring that to your attention in due course. But today's message is that I am home with my wonderful wife, and enjoying life again!

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Best of luck to you.

Stay positive, you will overcome.