Hugo High Fives

Hamish Gill

Tech Support (and Marketing)
We now have a system for liking peoples posts!
If you like a post, you can High Five Hugo
When ever you High Five Hugo, he will let the person who posted the post know that you like it!
If you change your mind and decide you don't like the post, just slap hugo and he will go away ...


The idea is that within threads people can find the most interesting/useful/etc posts just by clicking the drop down in the top right hand corner of the thread.
One thing that strikes me is that this could get used instead of posting ...
If you have something to say, make sure you say it!
Lets not dumb down our communication to much eh ;)
If you have something to say, make sure you say it!

Hamish my first thought when I saw that you had added the "like" feature was that it would give people the option just to "like" and not add why. I think it's nice to have the feature, especially for conversational posts for which one would like to acknowledge support for a comment without necessarily having to repeat the point in one's own words. But with regard to images posted by others, I'm going to fight the urge to "like" without comment.
I've started using the Hugo High Five as a way of thanking people if they say they like my photo, as an alternative to posting again just to say "thanks".

This prevents other people from seeing there is a new post on a topic, opening it up just to see "Thanks, Cedric" or whatever.

This moves away from the original idea that filtering to see the HHFs only takes you to the most interesting posts, but is in line with post #2 above.

It would be good to know if this is the way we wish to use the HHF feature, and if so others might find it useful. We are getting lots of new members, and as the forum expands I am finding it VERY hard to keep up with all the new posts when I log in. Speeding up the site helps, but anything which prevents so many new posts appearing which are of little or no interest to most members is in my opinion useful at this stage of the forum's life.
PS To be clear I don't advocate using HHF to say you like someone else's photo, as this takes away the valuable feedback you get. I'm talking about the follow-up "thanks" posts.
Jesus!! just logged on after 3 hours off it and BOOOM!!! 85 unread posts! lol
certainly hotting up nicely pete.
its been very busy the last few days eh?!
You're not kidding !!! I've just logged in and noticed over 550 new posts in a day and a half:eek:.
I think the HHF might need a bit of explaining for those new to RPF. Hugo is a mysterious orange rabbit that starting photo-bombing some of the images posted by @Hamish Gill and became something of a cult figure here (more so even than Hamish!). As a result / tribute to this tricksy orange rodent, Hamish created the Hugo High Five as the 'Like' function on the forum. During the conversion of the old site into its current form the 'Like' system became more conventional, but Hamish has added the Orange Emoji into the like button which re-creates the old version to some extent, but I'm not sure the is selected in the system stats. etc. We need to see if we can fine tune it some more yet.

The whereabouts of the real Hugo remains a bit of a mystery at present, but I have a feeling he may yet re-emerge to haunt Hamish again! ;)

Another design feature that we 'lost' was the last four images of from the gallery at the top of the main page. Again, we might work out how to restore that yet, but at least the gallery is working and up-to-date again now.