Vic Shaw

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I struggled for ages to come up with a title for this. I think I would post more (oh no I hear you cry) if I could think of titles quicker. Taken at Greenwich Seaman's Hospital this is on the Chapel side looking towards Queen Annes house and the Greenwich Observatory ( not that you can see either)


that's brilliant vic, i love the the BW and all the lines of light & shadows on the floor. The contrast seems fine to me.
I thought it was rather contrasty, however there is room for some more (no one likes a smart arse you know) funny though you bring the contrast up to a point and it looks like a line drawing, as soon as the detail goes from the walls
For this exercise I used the contrast slider. I use a touch of levels 1st, just a hint and then use curves for the most part
I've never really used the channel Mixer I've never really understood it. Maybe some one could explain how or why it should be used. For a B&W conversion I'll convert to B&W and the used the sliders to adjust the area I wish to lighten or Darken. I never just desaturate or just leave the B&W conversion as is.
Hi Vic,

The channel mixer just gives you control of the spectral response of the 'film' you are simulating. Sort of like adding coloured filters to B&W film as well as affected its response to light. It can have quite a dramitic impact on the tonal balance. Try the channel mixer set to mono when you next do a B&W conversion and then play with the sliders to give the effect you are wanting. I then use a curves adjustment to give the contrast I am looking for.