In Love

Darren Turner

Just been playing with a canon 1D MK3 & Canon EF 300mm f2.8 L IS II USM Lens

approx 12k worth of kit.........;);)

All i am gonna say is i f ****ing want one of the big b ******** they f ****ing amazing weighs a ton but feels great to hold & no doubt use regulary........!!

Never underestimate the lure of high end kit! Especially a lens like that!
The thing is though, that weight, requires a second camera in my books... I have my gf1 with me now as the d3 is just not a sensible option for walking round town with...
the funny thing is hamish.....the chap has left this camera locked away in his room, & took his Canon 5D & 70-200 F2.8 & Canon 5D Mark 2 & 24-70mm out with him looking for some local beach & wildlife shots.........

Hes also got a bag full of lens he left in his room & Another spare camera body......sommat like a 50D i think..........

Why on earth does 1 guy need 4 camera bodies for a few days away lol
The answer is probaly a combination of a lot of money and inexperience ... When I started doing weddings I used to take all manner of nonsense ... Often 4 cameras, and 2 bags of lenses
Nowadays I just take 2 cameras and 4 lenses - 24-70,70-200,85 and my 20mm ... Sometimes the 50mm -1.4 if I can be bothered .... And that lot is between me and Greg when he helps me out ... It's easily enough and that's for work!
300 2.8 is a stunner, and not that heavy when you get used to it ;)

I use it hand held mostly, helps build muscle! Lol

1D3 I'd avoid, as they had a lot of AF issues with the all new AF system, many unhappy campers :(

It made me stick with my 1d2, as a working AI Servo AF is rather important for sports!

The 300 is one of the best lenses canon make, in the tele range. Super sharp even at 2.8 and great colour and contrast.

Takes the extenders well, and makes it a very flexible package up to 600mm.