In memoriam (cheap film)

Thom Epps

New Member
Last week I sent off the last roll from my stockpile of Agfa vista Poundland film to be developed. It was always pretty mediocre, but for £1 it couldn't be beat for value!

The super low price made it perfect for experimentation & for chucking in toy cameras without much thought - a freedom I don't feel when spending the best part of £10 on a roll 😭

Got me wondering if anyone on here has found a good budget film recently that they'd recommend?

Thom Epps

New Member
I like HP5+.... not exactly budget... no idea really! I kind of wish I'd bought some cheap Fuji colour film a few years back when it was still in my supermarket. But I was 100% digital then!

I'm shooting a roll of HP5 at the moment 👍 haha I remember those bags of Fuji - it was 5 rolls for £9 or something wasn't it...

There's some new film cameras being manufactured at the moment, so I'm hopeful someone makes some cheap film to go in them!

Chris Bennett

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For 35mm I have been bulk loading for quite a while now. I also have a fridge dedicated to film storage, which allows me to be opportunistic with buying when the price is right