Insperation,Ideas and motivation

Vic Shaw

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I'm sure we all know the feeling and a few people have mentioned it on here, but some times we all need a little bit of the title. How about we get some kind of subject of the week/fortnight going. I know Laurie started one similar on a previous forum and I found it good fun. It'll be nothing serious, just something to get us thinking and maybe even taking pictures. I think Laurie's was The Alphabet but it used to get me thinking and I enjoyed it.

Just a thought anyway.

I like it - is this something Hamish could run for us?

Maybe we could all PM him suggestions for themes/challenges, and he could go through them in some random order?
sounds good!
shall we run it in the snap shots forum, or would you like me to make a dedicated "theme" forum... we could have a theme photos and theme suggestions forum...
anyone got any thoughts on how to do this?
i def like the idea, it fits well within my ideal for this forum...
We could start with a topic like "Your Home" which means that we have to look for creative shots in an environment that we live in but probably ignore as a photography subject. Then maybe the garden next, then the car and then branch out from their.

Just a thought, it could be a real challenge and maybe push us a little bit.
i do like this idea... run each theme for a week etc... i think it will help with observation skills if it is kept at too
Might have to enforce some rules around using EXIF data to show the picture was taken that week - rather than being dredged up from the archives....
well I was bored as I don't have any photos to play with, I know, what about we have some kind of Theme of the week on the forums that'll give me something to do.