iPhoneography snaps thread

Hamish Gill

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I thread for "iPhoneography" - photos created on your iphone camera and as many apps as you like!

hear are a couple to get things going


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Tom - love the effect on that shot!
Here's one I call 'chasing my shadow'

And imaginatively called 'Tron'

All PP done on the iPhone!

I'm gonna be liking this thread alot!!! But...... Would someone be able to tell me how I would upload pictures directly from my iPhone??? Is it the same proceedure as on a laptop???
Well, not having an iPhone I can't really join in on this but I do really like some of the images that are being created. Very spontaneous and creative. There is an exibition of iPhone work on at the moment in Germany mainly by a photographer called Nikolai Karo (http://www.nikokaro.de), and illustrated here http://www.fotogalerie-im-blauen-haus.de/news/. There's an article about him in Fine Art Printer and they are referencing iPhone photography as the 'New Polaroid'. I can see why.

Looking forward to seeing more!! Might even be tempted to get an iPhone myself!!!
Pete - it's a pretty good camera to have with you - and some of the PP software is great as well.

Here's 'Do$h'


PP was done in the Best Camera App
Very cool - looks like an album cover picture :)
LAX control tower (probably contains people sleeping on the job...)

I feel compelled to write this..... I was in the pub watching the rugby got my iPhone out and dropped it.... Back screen shattered and shards of glass every where, had a quick repair with some selotape. Rang orange my service provider and who I also have insurance with I spent 6 minuets on the phone to some northern woman who called me "pet" I will be receiving my replacement iPhone 9am tomorrow morning ( a bank holiday in the uk ) amazing service I'm chuffed to bits !!!!!
That is good!

Nearly dropped mine a minute ago ... Took the case off and it slipped out of my hand ... Cought it though ... Bout a foot from the floor!
Not a clue Hamish - looks like some super-bug in a petri dish!