Issey Miyake L'Eau d'Issey Pour Homme - ' Man perfume' - It smells nice :-)

Mark Grant

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Definately off topic but my wife bought me some of this smelly 'man perfume' (as I call it) at the weekend from Debenhams, makes a change from the usual 'Diesel' smelly spray...

Issey Miyake L'Eau d'Issey Pour Homme , really is nice and sort of 'citrusy' ,

While in a que in a shop buying some food today a lady said 'you smell nice, what are you wearing ?.....'

''Issay Miyake from Debenhams'' I say, all embarrased......:eek:

also at boots but debenhams is having a sale this week.

Wife wants me to buy a Man bag now...

I admit to having a man bag, wife brought it back from a New York shopping trip, yeah thanks for that!

I only ever use Rock Salt, it don't smell but stops you smelling and contains no toxins etc that clog your skin
Dab of after shave every now and then (currently Burberry Weekend - I suppose that makes it Chav-tershave), underarm deodorant and soap for me.

Does that make me a stereotype?
I just can't imagine rubbing rock salt around my particulars!

What if you have a nick or cut - it must sting like a mother hubbard!
glad you said under the arms, I was thinking crack, back and sack!
Ready salted sir? LMAO!
ok with all this salt rubbing are we doing a pork joint for sunday lunch to get the crispy crackling lol

Not an aftershave user myself lol, although as its aftershave topic like the smell of Joop, farenheight ,FCUK and Calvin Klein

perfume wise It has to be Dior's "Poison" or Katie Price's "Stunning" I go through bottles of the stuff lol
The Christmas before last, I was walking through Merry Hill, the gargantuan shopping centre near Dudley, looking for the last few "stocking-fillers," when I was approached by this very nice young French lady who asked me to hold my hands out...

Being a bit suspicious, I was initially reluctant to her advances, but she eventually persuaded me to trust her and she poured a bit of sea salt that was steeped in some perfumed oil into my hands, which I then rubbed in and washed off. It left my hands feeling very soft (although being a guitarist, I wouldn't want this effect on my fingertips!) and it was fun. Having then polished up one of my fingernails with something that looked like a piece of slate, she tried to persuade me to but these products at what I could only describe as being fiercely extortionate prices.

I used the "sorry, I'm a guitarist and I can't really see myself using these products" excuse, citing my left-hand fingertips and right-hand fingernails as being problem areas, I tried to leave. However, it got better:

"You could buy them for your wife for Christmas," she said.

"Sorry, no."

"Your girlfriend?" she persisted.

"I don't have a girlfriend," I said, truthfully.

"Oh... your boyfriend....?" she went on.

This was getting more bizarre by the second. Under less rushed circumstances, I may have carried on the conversation to see how far into the depths of fantasy I could go. However, she actually seemed quite a nice girl and I simply hadn't got the time for any more pigging about, so I managed to extract myself from the situation and left.

There was another place doing exactly the same promotion at the opposite end of the centre, and sure enough, a young lady made a bee-line for me through the crowd. "Sorry," I said, brandishing my newly-polished fingernail, "I've already been done."

However, when I got back to work after the Christmas holiday, I found that the entire personal grooming incident had been witnessed by half-a-dozen of my year 10 pupils who found the incident really quite amusing. What they'd have done if I decided to take the conversation into a world of fantasy about how my boyfriend was quite butch and would probably thump me if I bought him a product like that, I'll never know!