Joy Ride?

Vic Shaw

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Taken on yesterdays walk along the embankment.


I don't have a cross process action at the moment, but I will look for one and give it a try. I did use the BP plug-in here on another layer and adjusted it till it looked ok. I thought about more saturation as it would lend itself to the garish look but I liked the feel of the colours here. The texture was a pain to get right, I think I tried at least 5 others, but always came back to this one, I toyed with flipping it so the large rust spot was on the left, but think it works ok as is. Good idea to crop the bottom off, I always miss these crops!
I like the way the texture intrudes into the tower Vic. I know what you mean though, it´s hard to get them right. I got bored with them a while back and have been meaning to scan a few old documents, spoiled transparencies etc to try and find some textures to merge with some ´dark´images I have planned for the winter months.

My favourite cross-process tool is the one from PixelGenius ( Their tone burn and dodge set are truly impressive as well. Mind, I guess they should be as they are heavily involved with the devlopment of PS. The ones in Nik software tools are good as well but not as straight forward to use and are a lot more expensive.
cropped it a little and added a little saturation, seems the crop has had a major impact more so then the saturation. I learnt a good lesson here :)


Thanks for the link, just need a capitol sanction from the wife:)

the least I can do is offer a link to some textures