Lens Baby Bike

Hamish Gill

Tech Support (and Marketing)
Nice job, that Hamish. So what did you do to get the blurring?
Ah, OK. I've never come across one of those. Nice effect though!
Hi Hamish,

I've thought about investing in one of these as I always like the shots they produce and this is no exception.

Hey, we're entering the realm of record sleeves, here. Nice effect!
I have a few shots I've done at weddings, but I can't find them... Il have another look tomorrow!
They certainly take a little bit of patients to get used to! I keep meaning to get mine back out... I think I will soon...
Mmmmm, lens baby.. is that the tilt-shift lens?

I think I've seen shots taken with it, that make city-scapes look like small scale models?
Well, I guess it tilts, but I wouldn't describe it as a shift/tilt lens as such. It is a selective focus lens with a larger or smaller central zone of focus (depending on the chosen optic / aperture plate) which allows you to move that zone to a specific part of the image. You would struggle to get the compressed scale effects you are referring to though.

It's worth browsing their website though http://www.lensbaby.com I guess the Composer is the easiest to use.
Here's what I've seen done with it, very clever!