Lo All

Vic Shaw

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Hi All,

Vic from sunny London here, was pointed here by Darren and as I miss belonging to a forum I thought I'd come along and meet some new people.

I enjoy most black and white mostly,

thats it really from Mr Interesting:)

Hi Vic.

Nice to have you on board, mate. :D

Looking forward to seeing your pics again!
Hello Vic nice to see you mate :D how you getting on I see you are still int B/W

Frank and Grez good to see you both again also! , yup still doing B&W Frank although I throw in the odd bit of colour here and there.

Pete I shoot in digital only although I do own a film SLR, I really enjoy the processing control that digital gives me. For me it's all part of the image making. If I had the room, money and skills. I think I would love to have a darkroom.


Hey vic glad you made it......... i hope the inspiration you mentioned the lack of comes flooding back very soon...i so miss your images from around and about the capital