Newbie here

Hi! I am a very young aspiring film photographer. I just started with having my own camera, a Canon Av1 from my father's collection. I shoot black and white film (I am on my third roll now). Thank you for accepting me here, looking forward to learn more from you guys!
Looking forward to seeing more of your work!:D
Hi Maria. Great to have you here. The Canon AV1 seems a great choice for a beginner. I looked it up, and it is similar to the Canon AE-1 I gave to my daughter: “The AV-1 is very similar to the 1976 AE-1 but provides aperture priority autoexposure rather than the AE-1's shutter speed priority AE.” I’m sure you’ll do some interesting work with it, and I look forward to seeing some results here. Your father is an excellent photographer, so you have a good teacher and mentor.