London Flower Baskets

Vic Shaw

Senior Member

Like the inclusion of the letter box to reference the shot - not sure about the plastic cup though...
Now that plastic cup is a funny thing, thats what caught my eye 1st of all. It's taken in a square a little to the west of the Gherkin building. The cup just caught my eye, sitting there surrounded by all these flowers I just felt I wanted to take a shot of it but didn't really want it in focus. Maybe it don't really work,but it was worth a shot.
Maybe it don't really work,but it was worth a shot.
That's right Vic, with digital everything's worth a shot, it don't cost nothing :) :).
The post box inclusion is something that I'm going to take as an idea, not literally, but the idea of dropping something into the background that instinctively tells the viewer where the shot was taken.

It's part of 'telling the story' - and it's really got me thinking - which is a good thing!
Photographs that tell a story really float my boat, for me thats the most interesting type of photography.

I was also trying to frame it without the car , but this was impossible.