Paul Lange

This is a shot of my youngest, Maisy. She was scoffing crisps at the time and I managed to get this natural shot off. I used the Photoshop Orton Effect which has really bought out the detail on the hair while creating the softer focus effect in other areas.

Maisy Orton.jpg
This is the pic inserted using photobucket instead of the sites upload facility just to see what the difference will be.


Quite a big difference then. I did wonder why my shots look fab on the computer and a bit pants on the forum. I think the upload must really strip the image down.
Can we change it? Saying that though just converting the tiff to jpeg and sticking it on Photobucket created some artifacts, especially on the cheek, or is it just the dodgy monitor of my laptop? I should really invest in a decent full size monitor.
I don't know if it can be changed ...
I don't really worry to much about photos on the Internet and quality... As long as it is good enough to get an idea I'm not fussed about the odd bit of jpeg artifacts etc ... Maybe thats the wrong attitude?
Lovely pic, though Paul. Nice use of Orton, too gives it a nice, innocent quality!