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I have always use Scan Disk Extreme 3 compact flash cards, i have 8 x 2gb ones. Now the files sizes are sooooo big for raw images on the new 7D i was only getting 75 images per card it it was beginning to annoy me so i have decided to buy some new bigger CF cards.

i was always told & it has been recommended to use more smaller capacity cards just in case card failure occurred i wouldn’t potentially loose as many images. Luckily these scandisk cards have never let me down.

At the time i ordered them they were sold through Amazon & by a company called My Memory at the crazy low price of £2 each..........this was about 5 years ago so i ordered them quickly before the price went up........i guess it was an error on their part but luckily they honoured this low price.

This time i have gone for Kingston Elite Pro 1 x 16Gb for the simple reason of it being the cheapest card i could find for a brand name i have heard of, i didn’t fancy buying cheep’s from ebay.

This 16Gb Card was £35 delivered again from My Memory Direct

Has anyone else used these new cards? Have they been ok for you?
i have a kingston card that has been reliable... but then i personally have had no issue with any memory cards that i couldnt fix fairly easily ... can we have a link to this site ... im looking to get a pair of 16's to use in the d3... the benefit of dual card slots... instant back up!
Kingston have a really good name in PC memory - same with Sandisk.

I usually head down to my local Fry's store for memory - Fry's is like Maplin on steroids - truly a huge store full of electronic goodness :) (SWMBO hates it!)


Last deal I got was a 16 GB CF card for just $35


I've hammered it in the 5D2 with no issues.

When I think back to paying £250 for 1 GB IBM Microdrive CF cards ten years ago, it makes me cringe!

Only ever had one CF card fail - and that was a Microdrive which I dropped onto concrete :(

Can't see the point in paying top dollar for the special 'photo' brands - the picture looks the same!!
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